We always find a way to your product

primerofood knows where to find your product in the required quality and quantity, and at the best daily price. For us, reliable quality combined with flexible quantities is what matters. Product quality is as important as processing quality, because the two together can ensure an economically successful product.

We speak the same language as producers and the food industry. With our outstanding industry contacts, we always find fast, flexible and pragmatic solutions for our customers.

We bring food processors, brands and grocery retailers together with the right raw foodstuffs and pre-products, based on their individual requirements and with great accuracy.

Your advantage

  • A proven and established network of experienced food experts around the globe
  • The quality and quantities you want on a day-to-day basis
  • Time-saving
  • Less pressure to be innovative
  • Long-term cost reductions in food production
  • Time to market is calculable for trends and innovations
  • We assume the entire procurement logistics
  • Individual transport, storage, processing and trading solutions

We ensure that your production stays flexible and innovative

As food experts, we have broad and in-depth experience in managing new food products to meet market needs – from innovation and development to preparing for production right up to production itself. Our development begins with the producer. This means that we create products together, aligned to our customers’ needs.

We also offer advice on the preparation and processing of foodstuffs with the aim of optimizing production processes.

Your gain

  • Outsourcing product development right up to production
  • Contracting out innovations and small batches
  • Avoiding costly modifications to your own production
  • Individual solutions in terms of production, storage and quantities

We successfully implement your sales objectives

Our job as a sales partner is marketing and ensuring the sales success of agricultural produce, products and semi-finished products for processors and international quality food brands

Your assets

  • Outstanding regional, national and international contacts
  • Long-term, successful distribution and brand partnership
  • Full service from sales and sales logistics to import/export formalities

We are known for our excellent customer service

Of course we are available at all times. We take care of contract negotiations, customs, import and export formalities quickly and straightforwardly. This enables our customers to continue being just-in-time in their production.

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